I originally came across Aurora by chance, I had just moved into a project with Foundation 66 after spending 4 months living in a hostel in Vauxhall. I needed to spend my time productively and actively away from the drugs and party scene I had come from, Aurora just happened to have a vacancy for an Art group facilitator and a space for their computer clinic and my keyworker put my name forward. I have a background and interest in both fields so I arranged to meet with the team here at Aurora Lambeth. One of the first things I noticed was the relaxed and welcoming environment fostered by the facilitators and staff. The people that attend the groups are diverse and good company so it was easy and natural to run groups with them. After spending a couple of months facilitating groups I felt I could help further and more directly by becoming a peer mentor. Joe and Sandy have a very knowledgeable, focused presentation for training over 3 days. This encouraged me to complete the training, knowing I had very solid, good support and a safe environment for me and for potential clients to benefit from one to one meetings. I am fortunate to have the ample support and care to draw on as I go through the stages of my own recovery while also volunteering and giving back at Aurora.