Our Volunteer Peer Mentors are made up of individuals who have been through treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Our volunteers are made up of a diverse group of individuals who all want to give back to the treatment system and their communities.

Volunteering for us not only offers the volunteer a chance to use their time in a positive way but it also offers a comprehensive training opportunity, with volunteers required to attend initial bespoke training sessions, as well as additional ongoing training run by a range of experts, a chance to gain work experience in within the treatment consortium in Wandsworth. It is a chance to learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and meet new people. It can also offer volunteers a sense of achievement and structure to their day to day lives, which for some volunteers can make a huge difference to their lives and their own recovery.

What is a Volunteer Peer Mentor?

Volunteer Peer Mentor’s support individuals accessing, undergoing and exiting treatment, that they are entitled to and that the treatment is of the highest quality, delivered with sensitivity and respect.
Aurora Project Volunteers carry out a range of tasks including:

  • Meeting a client regularly to offer emotional support
  • Offer practical advice and support to clients around money and debt, general health, mental health, bereavement, housing and more
  • Accompanying clients to meetings with their housing providers, GP’s, Release and others
  • One off opportunities to accompany clients from Acute Assessment Unit (detox) to Rehab in another part of the country
  • Accompany clients to meetings, social clubs and activities within the borough.

Volunteer Forms

Below are the links for the forms to log various volunteer activity with Aurora Project. The images are clickable too.

There are three categories of forms:

  • Reporting Volunteer & Client Interactions
  • Volunteer Requests 
  • Client Safety & Wellbeing

Forms for Volunteer & Client Interactions

Icon - Chat
Click to go to the Peer Mentor Activity Form

Peer Mentor Activity Form

This form is for logging Peer Mentor Activity each session with a client must be logged here.

Click to go to Peer Mentor Activity Form

Icon - Accompaniment
Click to go to the Volunteer Accompaniment Form

Volunteer Accompaniment Form

This form is for logging details of an accompaniment to another service with a client.

Click to go to Volunteer Accompaniment Form

Icon - Form
Click to go to the SURE Form

Service User Recovery Evaluator

This form is the electronic version of the SURE form. Best used by volunteers with their clients at the first meeting to establish current situation and used to inform goal setting in future meetings. This should not be used weekly.

Click to go to the SURE Form

Forms for Volunteer Requests

Icon - Expenses
Click to go to the Expenses Claim Form

Expenses Claim Form

This form is for volunteers to submit expenses request. Use this to tell us the expenses you are claiming and when you would like to pick them up, this helps us ensure we have the money ready for you.

Click to go to the Expenses form

Forms for Client Safety & Wellbeing

Icon - Complaints
Click for Complaints Form

Complaints Report Form

This form is for volunteers & clients experiencing problems about services or professionals they interact with. There are options regarding level of anonymity.

Click to go to the Complaints Report form

Icon - Exclamation

Click to go to Safeguarding Issue Report Form

Safeguarding Issue Report Form

This form is for volunteers to report any safeguarding issues regarding your clients to Aurora Project.

Click to go to the Safeguarding Report form